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​NEW & IMPROVED BRACKETS! Flexible / impact resistant - successfully withstands drops from a height of 21 feet

Brackets heat tested @ 500° F for 2 hours

The unique ratcheting system allows you to customize the light's direction

Two 160 lumen light set combined total = 320 lumens

Powered by three Duracell AAA batteries (included)

4.5 hour+ burn time

Three modes include high, low, and fast strobe

Leveling system can fit up to half inch carabiner

Dust and Waterproof - successfully withstands four hours in two feet of water

Non-static lights
The Level Light system is a pair of multi-purpose lights designed for almost any use. Each 160 Lumen light has three light settings, high, low, and a fast paced strobe with a glove-friendly on/off switch. These non-static lights are also both dustproof and waterproof. Unique ratcheting system allows for user-friendly adjustments to customize the direction of the two lights independent of one another. The system also has two half inch carabiner mounts on each light that allow you to attach them to yourself, ropes, tools, etc. and you have one to share with another as your situation warrants.
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